Analog / Digital Move

Analog or Digital -- Analog AND Digital

Have Digital & Analog Too

The Turris comes in a variety of configurations.   Our flagship model incorporates not only the familiarity of mechanical switches that most users appreciate in their gaming keyboards, but also an analog representation through a multiple axis processing unit (MPU).

From a Digital Application Interpretation:

This ability to combine the two creates a unique and welcomed approach to hands-free movement in VR. By combining the two, we can provide two speed movement without the user having to manually use "shift" or some other modifier to imply sprint. This approach is the suggested approach by those familiar with the various implications of VR on one's health.

From an Analog Application Interpretation:

For those less sensitive to the sensations of VR movement, they could opt to just use the raw analog input gradient to create their movement and use the switches for jump or some other function (pending the application).