Built-In Stability & Strength

movement should not create compromise

Turris doesn't weeble or wobble - so you won't fall down
Movement Gestures Should Remain Self-Centered & Stable


When an occupant of a Turris initiates movement, the natural response of the occupant is to "lean" in the direction they wish to head. In the case of moving forward, they lean forward and their body has to move an excessive amount to create the required angle for the device. This is not necessary with the Turris...

With the Turris, the occupant can merely suggest the movement using core body movements -- like a sit-up. Think more along the lines of a pivot of the hips in the direction you wish to move. 


Initially, the Turris concept worked like the other seated locomotion solutions where the user had to displace themselves into an unstable scenario to create the movement in VR. Though it was simple and inexpensive to execute, we have since understood this approach to be improper for reasons of imbalance, inefficiency, and precision.


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