Compact Footprint

Turris requires very little space to fully operate

We can operate in the smallest of places

Since the user stays centered, there's very little space required to use a Turris. It's essentially the size of a small stool or chair.   The constraint ends up being a circle the size of the inseam of your pants! In general, the length of your thigh is the radius of the circular envelope that the Turris needs to operate.

Where space = money, you can create an array field of VR users that is VERY dense with a Turris.  You can make more out of a small demo space with a Turris than most any VR solution.

Imagine trying to use an omnidirectional treadmill in a dorm room.

Ever hear the saying about why an escalator is better than an elevator? "When an escalator breaks down, you end up with steps." The Turris works fine as a task chair or a VR input device. It's small, compact, light, and ships easily.