• turrisvr

Art + Mixed Reality = Digital Accessibility

Now that the dust has settled, it is great to be able to step back and do a quick review of our participation in ArtPrize 2018 with the awesome team at SiTE:Lab. This year's venue was 415 Franklin in Grand Rapids, an old three level school building that had been vacant for many years.

A preview of the vacant building being prepped for the event.

Due to the building's age and lack of modern features like elevators, Turris VR and Perspective 3-D teamed up to create a digital experience of the second and third floors for those who were unable to travel the stairs. Using advanced scanning, we were able to build levels with the image files and recreate the exhibits and floor plans exactly as they were in real life.

A Samsung Odyssey mixed reality headset with its inside-out tracking on top of Windows Mixed Reality platform and the Turris wearable locomotion device created a smooth "walk" through of the exhibits in full 3D photorealistic spaces.

Our youngest visitor in his first mixed reality experience.

Overall the exhibit ran 200+ demos covering an age range of 8-94 and all levels of physical ability. We had very few expectations for the event, but were blown away with the response and interest. Thank you to all who showed up and helped out to make this possible.

94 years young and a mixed reality pro. She was able to move forwards and backwards but had a family member assist with rotation in her wheelchair.