Evolution or Startup Progress as Seen Through TurrisVR Trade Show Prototypes

We’ve all had those weeks that feel like you don’t get much done. We’ll admit we might even have had a few of those too.

But as we’re prepping to take off for SxSW and the Game Developers Conference over the next few weeks, it struck us just how far Turris has come since we launched full time in December. In fact, when we attended the VRX conference the second week of December last year, we had just printed a new housing for the mobile Turris solution.

VRX 2017 – Our Own Black Box

DIY production at its best. This was the first time we showed off the functionality of Turris locomotion without someone having to be in one of our chairs. It felt amazing!

Looking back and reflecting on all of the design sessions in between, it looks archaic and primitive. Such an early glimpse of where we were headed. Without all the pretty.

CES 2018 – A Move to White

By the time we hit the rain soaked streets of Las Vegas for CES, we had a new consumer friendly version of the housing. This version looks more like what we had in mind, but we knew it still wasn’t the furthest we could take it. It was too big, but it worked and it helped us land some really important meetings.

All of that has led up to what we’re most excited to have in the bag with us this time.

SxSW 2018 - Ready Player One

It feels super cool to be headed to SxSW the year that Spielberg’s “Ready Player One”

debuted at the festival. It sounds like the crowds loved it. We can’t wait to see it either.

It feels like we’re part of helping make that world true. We’re opting out of the “Stack” housing, but for the rest of the VR experience we’re all in. In fact, dreaming about what’s possible in VR is what led us to tackle locomotion in VR way before most people were thinking about it.

What do you think about the progress we’ve made so far? Have you been at one of the shows and gotten a demo? What do you think?


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