Turris Use Cases

Marquee Title Game Developers
  • Need an easy way to port their key titles over to VR quickly without having to recode or rebuild them

  • Creating something impactful that people want to go back again and again.

  • Need a way to get people around their large worlds.

  • Can create on an endless landscape. It feels like forever.


Indie-Game Developers
  • Allows greater access to create something more impactful.

  • Democratizes their ability to be more creative and work around their ideas, don’t have to focus time on movement. Puts their time towards the game.

  • Saves them money.

Experience Designers/Work-For-Hire
  • Can create truly immersive content.

  • Allows the brain to fully go into the experience.

  • In a world where much is unknown and still being defined, being a huge missing piece alleviates them planning for things that a user may want or not.

  • They can imagine what they want to deliver for their customers.


Location Based Entertainment
  • VR Arcades and In-Home experiences will be big. 2018 will be the big push.

  • VR Movie theatre experiences.

  • Need an immersive experience without a huge footprint for the person to move through.

  • High quality/short experience.

Traditional Media
  • Movie/TV Studios


B to B Applications
  • Auto industry to create virtual dealerships and ease of use for demos

  • Airline industry to show off new planes and features

  • Real Estate

    • Commercial tours of new developments​

    • Residential tours of homes

  • VR Industry like Samsung, Oculus, Microsoft, Google, Amazon

    • Product line extension

    • Improves their VR products